Saturday Sleeper Team

by admin on May 2, 2011

I spent my Saturday doing this:

Don’t you love how clear and in-focus these pictures are? Okay fine, I’ll quit my day job and become the next Annie Liebovitz. Anyways though, if you can’t tell from my expertly taken pictures from my oh-so-professional camera aka my blackberry, those pictures are of my touch football league (despite the fact there are soccer goals in the background).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of my own team, but just know that we won. Actually, we dominated. We scored so many touchdowns that the ref stopped keeping score by the second half. We felt so badly for the other team that we played blindfolded and a man down. We were like the 2007 Patriots in the regular season…only better.

Ugh alright, you got me, that’s not exactly the way we won. I mean we did win, but it was kinda sorta by default. The other team may or may not have shown up. And their no-show turned into our win. Granted we then scrimmaged and lost, but scrimmages are cool because they don’t count. So, another win is in the books. Watch out opponents, clearly we’re a sleeper team.

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